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Since founded in 2013
We have helped many local and foreign shipping companies provide professional manpower in the shipping, Oil, and Gas sector.

Our core business lies in providing highly skilled expertise and multi-discipline consultancy services for demanding projects across South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. professional guarantee is to deliver contracting and recruitment services of qualified consultants matching our Client’s projects requirements and timelines. Our International experience since 2013 over an extensive range of industry projects worldwide built up a strong business record in the Oil & Gas, Shipping sectors.

As part of our service delivery, We ensure its consultant’s expertise by rigorously maintaining a tight selection process, each consultant’s background and professional references being checked and verified. We maintain the highest level of professional standards throughout the recruitment & hiring process, until the onboarding phase on our Clients’ projects.

Through our regional offices in South East Asia, PT. Kru Indonesia Mandiri provides effective local support and comprehensive “In-Country” HR solutions: visa and work permits, including payroll, taxation, medical and liability insurances, assisting with accommodation, local transport, schooling, flight arrangements, and 24-hour emergency contact, to ensure consultants’ assignments are safe, compliant with local regulations, to complete our Clients’ and Consultants’ satisfaction.

The quality of any consultancy service can always be measured by the professionalism of its people. We have set up our company so that it has a safe work environment and a strong quality management system, value-added technology, and products. To deliver our projects we hire the most qualified people with the highest professional standards.

We will provide prompt and effective advice appropriate to the client’s needs at a competitive price. These will be enhanced by operating and maintaining the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015 and the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

In 2017 we were trusted to manage ships until we started our business expansion into the field of training and education by establishing Hospitality Cruise Ship Training and Food Handling Training Center.

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

We stop at nothing

Ensures the supply of highly competent and dedicated Indonesian officers, Engineers and crew

We Love To Explore​

In addition to the latest developments within Our Client, the forums have shown to be productive workshops in an effort to continuously improve our operational business.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Deliver the quality and reliability that is worthy of our customers’ trust and enables our services to benefit the success of their business.

Quality & Accountability

always challenging ourselves to improve through innovation, strategic planning, collaboration and teamwork. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We understand that crew on board is one of the keys in running the vessels with safety and efficiency to achieve Ship Owner goals. Therefore our management is fully aware that safeguarding the vessels’ and their owners’ interests requires a qualified, well-trained, dedicated and experienced crew.

Besides strict recruitment and selection procedure, we focus on crew continuous improvement to prepared them to meet the highest and latest international standards of seamanship and marine engineering skills with the appropriate training programs by our internal training program and we do cooperate with The Indonesian Merchant Marine Higher Education Institute STIP Jakarta and we have a good relationship with the Indonesian Sea Communication Department.

Ship-Owner Business

We have two types of vessels: domestic vessels (engaged only in domestic transportation within Indonesia) and ocean-going cargo ships (merchant vessels engaged in international transportation which transport cargoes worldwide).

In the shipping industry, there are various shipping companies such as shippers, operators & ship-owners whom take different important roles.

Ship-owners like us lease out our owned vessels to operators and sometimes directly to shippers, which means both parties are important clients for us. 

Our priorities the safe operation of our ships with our partner operators and shippers, we negotiate with them to work together in order to protect human lives, ships, cargos, and the environment.

We work hard day and night to maintain and manage our vessels safely so that transportation does not come to a halt.

Crew Management

‘Crew Management’ is our business of hiring and dispatching seafarers.
Seafarers are indispensable for ship operation. In ocean-going merchant vessels,

When hiring and training of seafarers, we work with qualified that seafarers to secure top quality crews. In addition to our own vessels, we often dispatch seafarers to ships owned by other ship owners.

Training is conducted before embarkation and after disembarkation.

We continuously work to improve the efficiency of our operations through management based on the ISO 9001 quality management system and MLC 2006.

Ship Management

In addition to the maintenance and management of ship hulls and equipment, we work day and night continuously with crews and our business partners to ensure safe operation in compliance with international conventions and the rules of each country and region.

Under the technical guidance of the Superintendent (SI) – the ship’s supervisor – we carry out advanced maintenance and management of the ship’s hull and engine. Corrosion and rust of vessels can often occur because ships are constantly at sea, so trouble with equipment is inevitable. 

In the case of an emergency, we are always ready to respond 24/7 and solve the problem as soon as possible. We have established a system that can support the safe operation of a ship by cooperation with shipyards, repairers, equipment manufacturers, and other related organizations around the world.

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People Cohesion

Creating a culture that encourages team cohesion with intelligent policies

Team Leadership

Taking a radically different approach by consultancy services

Team Build Up

Building the capacity of our clients to apply learning directly


Providing superior creativity in employee benefits plan design


Assisting our clients in maximizing the performance of their organization’s

Find A Job

Recruiting the right people with a good expertise and abilities to deliver

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Our Team

We’re very proud of the team we’ve built – there’s more than thirty of us now but it still feels like it did when there were just a few of us.  we has always been a Company defined by bringing together talented people with a shared vision and passion for helping us to be the best we can be for our clients.  But that doesn’t mean We are  a cookie-cutter Company.  All of our employees are unique individuals who are united by a set of five core values that apply to everything we do within the Company.

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