” international provider of marine fuel supply and Fresh water and related service solutions to ships in port and at sea. The company procures product in bulk from diverse sources and delivers to over 600 customers across all major commercial shipping sectors including container ships, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, tankers, and ferries.”

A wide range of maritime services ..

PT. Harvi Persada Services offers a comprehensive maritime strategy along with a wide range of services.
The most important point we focus on is how to serve ships & owners & operators with an excellent and efficient service.

What does this mean for our customers?

We are where our customers need us to be – whether this is in a remote/difficult location and PT.Harvi Persada Services
is financially secure and prepared to invest her services now and in the future for keeping customers always satisfied.

Building enduring client relationships ..

We are building long-term strategic relationships with our clients. This allows us to gain a fundamental understanding of our
clients’ requirements and combined with an in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry, we are able to develop integrated
solutions that are focused on maximizing efficiency within operations, improving both business performance and profitability.


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Fresh Water Supply

One of the most important things is to pick a tour operator or trekking agency. We will help you.

Marine Fuel Bunker

One of the most important things is to pick a tour operator or trekking agency. We will help you.

Deck And Engine Supply

supply all deck & engine spare parts at competitive prices

Sparepart and Provision

One of the most important things is to pick a tour operator or trekking agency. We will help you.

Garbage and Sludge Disposal

According to ships’ masters/owners request, we arranging the necessary transportation to remove Plastic, Food wastes, Oil Sludge & Garbage on board whether ships locating at outer anchorage (or) inside port.

Shipping Agency

One of the most important things is to pick a tour operator or trekking agency. We will help you.

We provide energy to marine vessels In Jakarta, Indonesia, We bring stability and reliability to the global ship fuel and Fresh Water market by providing our customers with extensive expertise in the global energy space along with a robust business network to ensure a quality products, efficient logistics, and competitive pricing.

Operating from hubs in Jakarta, Indonesia we serve customers around the globe with efficient, transparent, and environmentally responsible marine fuel and freshwater solutions.  We provide a global perspective as well as local insight into real-time market dynamics. With many years of experience in ship fuel and freshwater management, our team has in-depth awareness of market fundamentals and developments.

Our Bunkering is one of the industry’s most creditworthy counterparties, rigorous in-house risk management expertise, and trading operations with an extensive physical supply capability. We were built on the premise of selling fuel and freshwater to its customers where and when they need it in the most cost-effective way. Now, Our Bunkering will be able to provide end-to-end service and physically supply fuels in the locations most important to our customers. Our Bunkering is here to serve the entire ship-owning community.

“With our extensive network, rigorous transparency, and strong balance sheet, we are a dependable partner providing reliable service and high-quality products.”  – Wahyu Baskara.CEO PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri

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