Crew Management

We feature stable,high quality teams of multi-national crew

We arrange pre-duty training for recruited crew members of all ranks, including annual pre-duty training for cadets as well as crew members on shore leave. We also arrange for officials on shore leave to periodically attend a variety of training sessions organized by manufacturers, and conduct pre-duty safety training for all shipboard crew.

We designate hospitals and chief doctors to provide medical consultations and remote diagnoses for crew members on board. In the case of injury or illness among crew members on board, we quickly and appropriately handle such incidents. We also make regular visits and offer support to crew members and their families and organize social activities for them. Our Company pays diligent attention to the mental health of crew members on board, and appropriately resolves any of a variety of problems that may occur.


In accordance with the ISO 9001 system and the Crew Management Rules, the Company has established a crew safety management system; we feature standardized crew recruitment, crew assignment, training, assessment, promotion, and leave management systems


Crew Management System and Crewing Qualifications
We have an advanced, comprehensive crew management system designed to track all crew data and information. Furthermore, we have obtained the "Seafarer Assignment Qualification Certificate"allowing us to provide crew assignment services to shipowners worldwide.



understand the market

Our staffs who have a background as professional seafarers, who have a high sailing period and experience in various types of ships, make us really understand what the company needs for its ship operations.
We will provide prompt and effective advice appropriate to the client’s needs at a competitive price.

Build People's Dreams

These will be enhanced by operating and maintaining the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015 and the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.
Our recruitment system with the crew screening method is designed based on the experiences of the staff when they became professional seafarers, so that only really short-listed candidates will be sent.

Work Hard to Succeed

We also build good relationships with our members by always increasing the knowledge and practice exercises that we provide free of charge and building emotional bonds with family members who have worked so that each of our members always confidence and works professionally.
We able to supply freshers and qualified crew for Crewboat, Tugboat, LCT, Offshore and Drilling vessels, Dry bulk and General cargo fleet, Tanker fleet, Yacht/Cruise fleet.

We provide the best candidates, with rank and ship experience
Master, Officer, Chief Engineer, Engineer Radio Operator,ETO, Electrician, Boswain, AB, Oiler, Fitter, OS, Wiper, Deck Cadet and Engine Cadet, Crane Operator, Welder, Campboss, Rigger, Scaffolder, ARAMCO Approval, ADNOC/ADMA Approval.

We tailor-make end-to-end solutions to meet the overall need of our clients as well as for each specific vessel and vessel type.
We also take care of any travel arrangements and tickets if needed, all visas, allotments, accounts ,budget calculations, payroll services and any other matters arising

6 essential steps in the hiring road map

Getting the hiring process right is critical to growing your business. Our new resources on talent in the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, developed by TechEdge, break down the problem of identifying, screening, interviewing, closing, offering and hiring top talent.

We maintains its own seafarer pool and database with over 258,000 seafarers well coached and monitored in order to be ready for service at any time needed.
Top five rankings and ratings are available as well as from Indonesian and Asia. Quality seaman ready to serve on short notice.
Our shore personnel is based in Indonesia and Asia to support our seafarer and our customers at any time needed 24/7.

The professional coaching and the close contact to our seafarers guarantees quality at all stages during the recruitment and manning process as well as during service or shore leave times.

We only assigns crew to vessels based on the valid legal – and our own quality standards for all positions. It is the major role to meet the rising client requirements regarding crew qualifications and experience – continuously updated in line with nowadays changing legislation and industry demands.

PT.KRU INDONESIA MANDIRI is an independent provider of global maritime services. People are our greatest asset and as such we are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining the very best people, both at sea and ashore.
Our methods to search and select our employees are stringent to assure the required professional qualifications with the right personality and language skills to fit perfectly into the requested positions.
We use solid search and selection methods to ensure that our employees not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality and language skills. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff.

We are not only providing crew to our own Crewing or Technical management we are also well known as supplier of full or partial crews to all Shipowners and Managers operating their own vessels.
Each of our clients will be provided with a single point of contact with whom he will liaise directly to co-ordinate the supply of their crew.
Each client will have his own pool of Seafarers to ensure the on board continuity and familiarity with the clients ships management system.
We like to point out that “ad hoc” crew supply on “short notice” is one of our daily business.

We don’t just offer jobs, rather we provide a career. A career that gives you the opportunity to explore new horizon of your capabilities. If you are willing to make a career with a growth oriented organization, where you will be able to use your analytical skills and aptitude to excel, then PT.KRU INDONESIA MANDIRI is the right place for you.

PT.KRU INDONESIA MANDIRI is commited to hire, develop, and retain talented people. It comprises the required work processes and systems that are related to talent management. We seek both young and professional individuals from well reputed universities to fill up gaps within the organization as well as provide internship opportunities to welcome fresh graduates in the corporate world.

  • Attracting leaders who can lead by example
  • Evaluating employees through real time performance
  • Cultivating pay-for-performance culture
  • Developing future leaders by effectively managing careers

What We Can


Job posting, applicant screening, interviewing candidates, reference checking.


Medical examination, document checking, employment and processing of crew.


Crew relief planning, scheduling crew changes, arranging crew flights and shore transport.


Managing competence requirements, arranging crew training, maintaining training records.


Administrating crew payroll, paying monthly wages and social insurance contributions.


Budget preparation, accounting for crew costs, budgetary control and variance analysis

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