fake recruitment campaigns and false job offers.

The fraudster will often set up a fake recruitment campaign email or website as if it is coming from PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri

Candidates will usually be asked to provide a CV or other information online or via email, and may be asked to do an online interview questionnaire.  There will usually be no face to face interview.

An offer will be made supposedly from someone representing PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri. The offer will tell you that you will need to pay sums of money either direct to the fraudster or to a third party for a visa, work permits, travel costs etc in order to accept the job. 

Sometimes the scam will say that you will be reimbursed these costs when you start work with PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri.

PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri never selects candidates based on an online interview or questionnaire only. It will never ask a candidate to pay money in advance.

You can only apply for jobs at PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri via the careers portal found on its website PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri People from PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri only use email addresses ending @kruindo.com

What Should I Do?

Always remember – if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Use your common sense:

  • Do not respond to unsolicited recruitment offers from sources you cannot independently verify as being legitimate.
  • Do not provide personal or financial details to anyone you do not know or trust, or on a website you do not trust.
  • Be alert for suspicious signs:
    • poor use of language; 
    • use of e-mail addresses like yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com. PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri emails will only ever come from @kruindo.com;
    • requests for money to be paid in advance;
    • contact through social websites such as Facebook etc.
  • Be suspicious when dealing with anyone who does not have a direct telephone line / who never answer when you call their number, but return your call later (from a different number).
  • Always independently verify the legitimacy of job offers before you take any decision.

PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri maintains a professional LinkedIn account – all correspondence will always come from an @kruindo.com email address.

You can notify us of any suspected job scam by emailing [email protected] This email address is only for use to notify PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri of any suspected job scam, or to check if a job offer received is valid. Any CV’s submitted, enquiries as to vacancies or any other kinds of enquiry will not be reviewed and will not receive a response.

Consider if its appropriate to notify local law enforcement in your area if you are the victim of an attempted scam.


Fake Recruitment Campaigns and Job Scams are not authorized or connected in any way with PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri or its subsidiaries.  PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri and its subsidiaries are not responsible for them. This means PT.Kru Indonesia Mandiri and its subsidiaries have no responsibility for any action you take in connection with a scam. We won’t be liable for any loss you suffer in connection with a scam.