Our Vision
Is Creating an effective and efficiently to manages food & beverage services onboard ship , within the industry and the general public with the best techniques resulting in reduced illnesses and accidents .
Our Mision
Is to build a stronger and healthier society by imparting knowledge to all the food handlers where ever it is , regarding hygienic and safe management, making them socially responsible
Life is precious. Preserve it. Value it!
So let’s Join KRUINDO Training Center . Get the experience in creating the world with Safe foods.


“Ensure that your organization complies with industry-standard food hygiene regulations”


Food hygiene training services ensure that your organization complies with industry-standard food hygiene regulations.
Working with Highfield, a global supplier of food safety training materials, we offer training to food processors, retailers, restaurants, caterers plus various organizations involved in the food supply chain.

We designed to fulfill standard Annex 3.2 Para 4 of Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006.
It provides trained seafaring personnel who are assigned to perform the cook duties onboard merchant ships.

This Food Handler and Food Safety Course will be of great interest to food safety managers in food processing plants, Chef seaferer, Restaurant or any food service operation.

Employees of any business in which food is involved will benefit greatly through completion of this diploma, and will ensure a high standard of safety within the food service operation.

Why this course?

Think of a Food Safety Management Systems as a house… A sturdy house of food safety needs a strong founda- tion and solid walls.

This is the entry-level course to the IFC’s popular Food Safety Toolkit training program, which has already trained about 1200 participant

The Course Provides

  1. Measureable results in 1-2 weeks
  2. Step-by-step upgrade to build a strong base for HACCP
  3. Flexible methodology for various sectors
  4. Tips on low-cost measures that will help companies improve quickly (especially on Traceability, Pest Control and Hygiene)

After completing this course  in KRUINDO Training Center  the participant have knowledge , skills and able to perform the duties given as follows :

  • Manage food and beverage services very effective
    and efficiently based on rules in onboard ship.
  • Provide minimum standard of food & beverage
    services onboard ship.
  • Implement hygienic working procedures in daily
    job activities.
  • Provide a combination of menu consisting a
    balance diet, including food for the sick.
  • Manage the costs within the budget given.
  • Manage cooking time effectively
    and efficiently.
  • Ensure a clean and healthy living onboard kitchen


You will be able to:

  • Identify requirements for the development and implementation of HACCP System

  • Demonstrate practical skills in the development and implementation of HACCP System using the IFC Food Safety Toolkit


  • Preliminary Steps

  • 7 principles of HАССР

  • Development and implementation of HACCP plans and operational prerequisite programs


Food Handling Course Program based on MLC 2006 is the most important course for chef it has been specifically designed for Chef Cook, Chief Cook , Chef Seaferers , and Chef restaurants.


HACCP is now an essential part of public safety in any food preparation area.

The course  consists of 11 units of approximately one hour of content in each unit on how to meet government, industry and auditor requirements for the development and application of a working HACCP plan and the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices to support your plan.


This online course encompasses all the required training materials and techniques that aim at making people aware and conscious about food safety.

Certificate Sample

Certificate Food Handling

Food Handling Certificate issued by the KRUINDO Training Center based on the 2006 MLC regulations to comply with Annex 3.2 standards applied in every company or seafaring agency

Food Safety Certificate

Food Safety Online Certificate issued by KRUINDO Training Center in collaboration with Environment Of Health Australia (EHA) important for all food handler workers

HACCP Hazard Analysis

(HACCP) Hazard analysis and critical control points, the universal purpose of HACCP is to know the Principles, there are 7 points including 2005, HACCP became mandatory in Canada

Steward Certificate

Kitchen stewards, also called kitchen workers / Messman / Messboy, are a very essential part of any restaurant, be it big or small, or fine dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, or cafeterias.

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