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Working with a nationwide ship agency provides both ship owners and charterers with local expertise across Indonesia. Familiarity with port’s regulations and applicable laws can prove to be invaluable to ensure day to day ship operations run according to requirements.

The level of service and support of a ship agent is dependent on their experience and familiarity with the port or areas they operate in. This is where our decades of maritime expertise and reliable local support provide a distinct value as your partner in ship agency and cargo logistics expertise.

Local knowledge is critical and indispensable in ensuring that under any circumstances, your ship, port formalities, and your cargo are safely delivered and handled with expert care. For ship owners and charterers, not having to worry about ensuring that all permits are cleared and everything is in accordance with the local port regulations can greatly minimize vessel idle time.

Our comprehensive ship agency services and logistics in Indonesia include a variety of work including ship husbanding, repair and maintenance, crew transfer arrangement, berthing, surveys and inspection assistance and customs clearance, among others. 


1. Owner’s Protective Agent (OPA)

2.Liner service

3. Offshore support

4. Crew handling

5. Ship husbanding

6. On/off hire, cargo hold survey

7. Survey/inspection assistance


  • Experienced operational and technical teams conducting vessel monitoring to ensure a high standard of safety during operations.

  • Port formalities as well as other relevant documents taken care of by our professional ship agents, ensuring a worry-free journey from start to finish.

  • Highly reliable customer-oriented services. We are on call 24/7 to assist our principals for all their operational needs.

“We understand that crew on board is one of the keys in running the vessels with safety and efficiency to achieve Ship Owner goals.”

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