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Effective Implementation Of Ship Management System To Ensure Fleet Safety And Smooth Inspections

Ship Management be made completely transparent to eliminate friction and ensure a good working relationship. This can only be accomplished with clear, open communication. Another necessity is for the management company to employ an experienced, knowledgeable support staff that is also well connected in the industry. Both of these attributes can help to produce solutions and resources, especially when they are needed most. Our business processes enable to operate efficiently at all times, and that all necessary information to enable decision making is available when needed and at the point of need. This requires integrated fleet management processes.

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The Company has established a good reputation with its corporate philosophy of “safety of people, safety of vessels, safety of cargo, and protection of the marine environment from pollution.” It serves its customers with sincerity, fulfils its commitments, is truthful and practical, protects the interests of customers, safeguards the rights and interests of seamen, and carefully performs all of its social responsibilities. It also continuously regulates and innovates its management system and ensures the safety of the fleet by carrying out regular inspections; these efforts have gained positive recognition from its customers and the relevant institutions.

What Make Us Special


Participation of all staff members in Quality and Safety objectives and measures, with a view to a steady improvement of quality of operation, commensurate with economic aspects.


Continuous monitoring of the technical condition of ships and a high standard of qualification of the staff


Ensuring that all requirements are met in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

Continual Improvement

Meeting our customer’s requirements through a process of continual improvement of management processes and procedures

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