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We understand that crew on board is one of the keys in running the vessels with safety and efficiency to achieve Ship Owner goals. Therefore our management is fully aware that safeguarding the vessels’ and their owners’ interests requires a qualified, well-trained, dedicated and experienced crew.

Our core business lies in providing highly skilled expertise and multi-discipline consultancy services for demanding projects across South East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. professional guarantee is to deliver contracting and recruitment services of qualified consultants matching our Client’s projects requirements and timelines. Our International experience since 2013 over an extensive range of industry projects worldwide built up a strong business record in the Oil & Gas, Shipping sectors.

PT. Kru Indonesia Mandiri provides effective local support and comprehensive HR solutions: visa and work permits, including payroll, taxation, medical, assisting with accommodation, local transport, schooling, flight arrangements, and 24-hour emergency contact, to ensure consultants’ assignments are safe, compliant with local regulations, to complete our Clients’ and Consultants’ satisfaction.

The quality of any consultancy service can always be measured by the professionalism of its people. We have set up our company so that it has a safe work environment and a strong quality management system, value-added technology, and products. To deliver our projects we hire the most qualified people with the highest professional standards.

We will provide prompt and effective advice appropriate to the client’s needs at a competitive price. These will be enhanced by operating and maintaining the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015 and the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.


We tailor-make end-to-end solutions to meet the overall need of our clients as well as for each specific vessel type.


Given the strict regulations concerning the presence of foreign vessels that intend to operate in Indonesia Port


Operates charter services for a specified period and record the exact rate, duration and terms agreed between the charterers.


concentrate from small to capesize, from coal being the Indonesian largest steaming coal exporter to iron ore

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As a reinforcement of our partnership in ship and crew agencies, our company is affiliated with the Indonesian Seafarer’s Union and the largest organization of shipping agency companies

KPI Tanjung Priok

KPI Tanjung Priok is The Indonesian Seafarer's Union


CIMA is The Consortium Indonesian Manning Agencies

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“We understand that crew on board is one of the keys in running the vessels with safety and efficiency to achieve Ship Owner goals.”

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